Tips for long and beautiful hair & Hair care routine

Tips for long and beautiful hair & Hair care routine

Today we are going to share bad habits that you may not be aware of and maintaining healthy hair and scalp. Habits are long-settled behaviors in our everyday life. Brushing your hair and drying it is also a habit. Aren’t you guys curious whether or not you guys are having good habits or bad habits? Because I heard that washing your hair often isn’t good I wash my hair once every two days during the evening. I don’t trust myself to wake up early before school to wash my hair. Today’s teen guest mentioned that she likes to wash her hair once in two days at night time. We are also curious about when our Wish trenders wash their hair.

So we did a little survey. According to our survey, “when do you wash your hair?” a lot of you guys answered, “not every single day.” So when is the perfect time to wash your hair? Let’s find out. So, to tell you guys the conclusion first It really differs based on your hair type or scalp type, region, or lifestyle. But let’s give you guys some tips on washing your hair. I wash my hair twice a week because I feel if I wash my hair frequently it will damage my hair as I have a little dry hair Even though I put on hair oil my hair gets dry like 70% very soon. Now our friend here might have dry scalp.

Tips for Dry Scalp

If you guys have a dry scalp it might be good to wash your hair just twice a week. If you wash your hair too frequently, then your scalp may become even drier. I heard washing your hair every day is not good. I try to wash once in two days, but I can’t. My hair feels dirty and my scalp becomes itchy. Plus, I sweat a lot even though I don’t do anything. So I decide to wash my hair every day only in the morning. Sometimes I wash twice a day. Wow. So diligent! Now our friend here might have an oily scalp.

Tips for Oily Scalp

If you guys have an oily scalp, it might be better to wash your hair more frequently than those with dry scalp. If your hair feels extra oily and if you’ve sweated a lot during that day it’s okay to wash your hair twice a day. But if you’re going to wash your hair every day like this friend in the comment Then it’s best to wash your hair at night. Dust, sweat, and pollutants are piled up on our scalp every single day. If we do not remove them and go to bed then dust and oil will clog our pores and can cause problems like dandruff and inflammation.

It can even cause hair loss and also if these dirt and pollutants rub all over your pillows then it could actually cause skin troubles on your face and neck. If you wash your hair in the morning essential sebum will be removed and it takes about three to four hours for your essential sebum membranes to recover. If you’re exposed to UV light before this membrane is created it can cause skin troubles and inflection. Our unconscious behaviors can damage our scalp and hair. So shall we find out if today’s teen guest has a good habit?

Here are a few mistakes most of us must be doing!

  • The amount of shampoo you use. Now it’s easy to think that it’s better to use more shampoo. But no! This means that it’s harder to rinse it off thoroughly and leftover shampoo may stimulate the scalp.
  • Do not shampoo your hair right after you soak it. If you shampoo your hair right away after you soak your hair you can’t thoroughly rinse off the dust and waste on your hair and scalp. If you have a lot of waste on the surface of your scalp there will be less foam. And if you want more foam, you’ll use more shampoo, right? As a result, as I mentioned in bad habit number one you will stimulate the scalp more than necessary. If you comb your hair and soak your hair for one or two minutes before you shampoo Then it’ll be easier to clean off the waste with clean foam.
  • Do not apply shampoo directly to your scalp. It is better to make the foam lather on your hands before you apply it directly on your scalp. Direct application of the shampoo on your scalp may cause inflammation and dandruff. It is more important to remove the waste on your scalp than your hair. So clean your scalp first.

Proper hair washing tips.

  • Wash your hair like you are massaging the scalp with your fingertips. Be careful not to stimulate your scalp with your fingernails. If you scratch the scalp with fingernails the germs under your fingernails can cause infection on your scalp.
  • If you stand up and shampoo, the upper scalp will be soaked with enough water to rinse. But the lower scalp might not be rinsed perfectly. So don’t forget to shampoo with only one posture.
  • Wash hair with water around your body temperature. Over 80% of hair is made up of protein and the protein hardens when it gets warm. So if you wash your hair with hot water, the hair protein hardens and decreases treatment effects. On the other hand, washing your hair with cold water lowers cleansing efficiency and the residue of shampoo is prone to be left on your scalp.
  • Do not apply treatment or conditioner on the scalp. Most of the treatments or conditioner products contain silicone to make your hair soft and glossy. The silicone ingredients are hard to be rinsed and if they pile up on the scalp It will cause allergy and inflammation which can even cause hair loss. Treatment or conditioning products should be applied from the end of your hair at least five centimeters away from your scalp. If you let your hair dry naturally because you think hairdryer is bad or if you keep your hair up in a towel for a long time your scalp is left in a damp environment.

In this case, the germs increase and can cause scalp dermatitis or even hair loss. Also, the more your hair stays wet, the more it absorbs water and damages the cuticles. Unless you dry your hair with hot air It’s actually better to dry your hair quickly and efficiently using a hairdryer.

How to use Hair Dryer properly

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  • Remove water from your hair as much as you can before hairdryer. If you do not remove moisture enough, you will have to use the hairdryer for longer. Rather than rubbing it, it is better to gently Pat using a towel. It’s also good to use an absorbent towel.
  • Apply hair essence or serum before using the dryer. Hair essence products protect your hair from the heat from the hairdryer. The end of the hair has fewer nutrients and moisture. So make sure to apply essence first to the ends of your hair.
  • Dry your scalp first. The wind should be blown from the roots of the hair to the ends of the hair. The cuticles that protect the surface of the hair are overlapped like fish scales. And they are directed from the roots to the end of the hair. So if you dry from the end of the hair Then the cuticles will be lifted and your hair will feel frizzy and crunchy.
  • Do not use hot air to dry your hair quickly. Hot air increases the scalp’s temperature and it stimulates the hair follicles. Also, it dries the scalp and destroys the water-oil balance of your scalp. Use the hairdryer from a distance and try to dry with cold air if possible. If you don’t have enough time to switch between cold and hot air. This is more effective than just using cold air. Also, if you finish off your blow-dry with cooled air, it’ll maintain the style of your hair for longer.
Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

Wearing the same hair parts for a long time. Scalp between your hair parts is exposed to UV lights. So if you don’t switch up your parts frequently then only one part of your skin gets damaged. This causes your scalp to weaken and this may even lead to hair loss. For healthy hair, it is good to change your hair parts once every six months or a year. For Healthy hair, it is good to switch up your hair parts once at least six months or a year.

If you dry your hair in the opposite direction of your parts after washing it It is easier to style your hair and change your hair parts. Ironing wet hair. Strong heat on wet hair deprives moisture and causes your hair to look frizzy and less smooth. Even if you’re busy, even if you’re in a rush try to iron your hair when your hair is 80% dry. I used to squeeze shampoo into my hands and lather it right away on my scalp. But today I lathered my shampoo in my hands first before shampooing. and I think this method is better. So I’m going to continue shampooing like this.

My skin! Covering my pores. Kids my age have a lot of acne and me too. because of stress from exam season… My hair got so soft. Also, I learned that I need to fix my habits when washing my hair because there were a lot of things I was doing improperly. I hope these hair care tips really helped you guys out.

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