Good-bye Pimples! Skin Care Routine for Men

Good-bye Pimples! Skin Care Routine for Men

Let’s see if what they do in commercials is effective It’s really really had to win the “Good-Skin Game” if you’re not good at taking care of your skin. or If you’re not consistent with taking care of your skin Not consistent, like your ex. So, you’ve seen it from the title and you already know what I’ll be doing, I’m going to share with you guys my Daily Night Time Routine??

My Daily Night Time Skincare Routine There are a lot of people requesting for this Wow, am I really famous? There are a lot of people requesting for this and even though I don’t do a lot of things to my face, I’m going to share what I do to take care of my skin. If you don’t know yet, I used to have a lot of insecurities and thankfully, I was able to overcome a lot of them. In fact, I made a video about this last week and I’m going to put the link below for you guys to see it.

It’s called “overcoming insecurities” Anyway, one one of my insecurities is me being prone to acne. After years and years of fighting acne, I’ve realized that it’s really really hard to win the “Good-Skin Game” if you’re not good at taking care of your skin. or If you’re not consistent with taking care of your skin Not consistent, like your ex. Anyway, by consistent, I mean everyday. Everyday. In order for you to have a good skin, you don’t have to entirely rely on your fancy facial products. You have to have a balance of healthy lifestyle habits as well. Even if it’s in your genes to have good skin, sometimes, it’s in your gin— in the gin? Sometimes, it’s in your genes, right? But even though it’s in your genes to have good skin, you still need to take good care of your skin everyday.

For me, my skincare is very simple. I always make sure that my skin is clean and moisturized And of course, the other ones are just add-ons. Like our serums and what-nots, these are called as “maintenance” for fresher-looking skin For me, I often just use whatever I see at home It’s kind of annoying because this annoying thing popped out the moment I decided to film a skincare routine.

Anyway, at least it’s realistic, right? Let’s start. Number one, the facial cleanser that I’m using is the celeteque.. celeteque?? Cetaphil. It’s still wrong, huh? Is it visible? Does it need to be like this? Hey, this won’t be done unless you focus There This is called the Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser. Does it remove excess oil without drying Why am I using Cetaphil? It’s because it’s alcohol-free.

Things to consider when you’re choosing a facial cleanser: I did my research If you tend to break out often, you always get pimples, you might wanna try buying facial cleansers that contain Salicylic Acid That way, it would help you break down the oil in the pores without over-drying your skin so much. But in my case, I’d rather use this one because my face dries out so fast. It oils-up fast and it dries-up fast as well.

So it’s hard to maintain. (So who would adjust?) For me, always use the one that suits your skin the most. After using a lot of facial products, I have noticed that only one product suits my face, which is this one Because sometimes, it also depends on what type of skin you have So use the facial cleanser that suits you At first, I was not used to using Cetaphil because as I was using it, it felt like I was spreading Petroleum Jelly all over my face But in time, I got used to it and I’ve noticed that my face was not as irritated So, okay, let’s use it You can actually use it with or without water.

I saw it in on their YouTube. YouTube How do I do it? Cetaphil has a lot of variants and the one that I’m using is for the people who have oily skin. So, there Guys, Why am I doing this? Just do it like that for 30 seconds, just massage your face. After that, either you rinse it with water or just wipe it off. But, I’m not comfortable with this so I’m going to rinse it off. Let’s see if what they do in commercials is effective Do it for the vlog. So after you wash your face, you pat it using a dry towel. Number 2 is toner, Since Cetaphil is just very gentle for me, I needed something that would help me remove the dust, the pollution, and all the impurities that lingers after you wash your face with your cleanser.

So this I think this has been in our house for 5 years This was a gift from my elder brother’s ex. and he’s been married for a long time I think it’s still okay because I used this for the whole 2018. Do these things expire? This one is from Sephora… Sephora… It is said that it is an energizing and hydrating toner What is written here looks good… energizing and hydrating It’s always like that, right? We fall for the nice words. For me, I just don’t choose the ones with a lot of alcohol content because my skin dries up fast and this one is quite okay with my skin I use this instead of cotton It’s still a cotton “It’s not really cold, it’s just cold” But, I don’t know what this is called. What is this?This is my mom’s Cotton rounds. I just use this They’re kind of like pads. Joke, I don’t know any of these terms I’m gonna put a little bit My mom told me that whenever I use a toner, it should always be in an upward direction because if it’s in a downward direction, my face would sag We’re getting older, so let’s listen There Like that It’s so quiet.

If you guys have suggestions, (It should be upward) Oh, that’s wrong Guys, give me suggestions on products that I could use. Because I’m not picky when it comes to brands, just as long as it’s contents are okay Let’s include the neck too So that the cotton won’t be put to waste Why was I doing that? Okay, after you’re done with the toner, you….Sleep, kidding I only use three things: cleanser, toner, and I have this one serum This also serves as moisture… moisturizer? This also serves as moisture… I’ll get bashed again I also use this as a moisturizer I got this from The Face Shop Uhm, can you guys see it? Should I do this again? Oh, it cleared up Okay, so it’s calledYehwadam Pure Brightening Serum I bought this because My friend told me since I have few discolorations here, I was told that I should use this so that my skin’s color would be even Serums have smaller molecules and they penetrate deep into the skin So, usually, serums are used before moisturizers But I’m okay with this serum.

Actually, I’ve seen other people use Aloe Vera Gel to serve as the moisturizer I don’t know if it’s okay, have any of you guys tried it? Let me know So, I’m going to use it now Do we put this in the finger, or— Anyway, Compared to other serums, it’s not transparent. It doesn’t look like oil. This really looks like a moisturizer There This is expensive, guys.

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