Cute Valentine’s Day gifts for your mister under ₹1000

Cute Valentine’s Day gifts for your mister under ₹1000

Valentine’s Day is just a day away & you can express your love to your partner by gifting them something special. However, Valentine’s day is not just about the gifts nor your love can be just expressed through gifts & materialistic things only but everyone loves gifts especially when you got them from your favorite person & Let me tell you secret guys are more into gifts because this society has different rules for men and stuff. So try to be with him understand him, support him, take care of him & most important love him & see how he will give his all to you. So keep loving each other, take care of each other, share gifts, and stay happily together.

So if you are confused about Valentine’s day gifts what to gift to your partner where to buy them. I got you, girl!

Grooming Kit

A grooming kit is hell necessary nowadays & if you think men aren’t concerned about grooming then you might be wrong. Those perfectly trimmed & groomed beards are the new trend & you definitely want your men to look great always, aren’t you? A grooming kit contains Bath Soap, Fashwash, Moisturizer, Shaving Cream, Face Scrub & other shaving tools that vary from brand to brand. There are few famous brands like Bombay Shaving Company, Beardo, The Man Company, Qraa & Nivea. Linked grooming kit link below do check it out.


Men only love few things & one of them is Sneakers. Sneakers are what to men what heels are to women. Gave him a pair of dope High necks, Low tops, Athletic Ones & see a smile on his face. Dropping links of few dope sneakers I personally like and are available on Amazon do check it.


Perfumes or Deo are the best things you can gift to your man as whenever he gonna wear that perfume that will remind him of you. You smell so good is the best compliment you can give to anyone so whenever he gonna get that compliment he knows whom to thank. Listed a few of my personal perfumes & Deo.

Gifts you can buy for you gf under Rs1000


If your partner doesn’t come on time you & you have to wait for him then you know what to gift him. A watch not only keeps him on time on Valentine’s Day & will remind him to rush when he’s getting late. Listed few watches you can check on Amazon.

Valentine’s Day Love Set

Valentine's Day Gifts

This Cushion Cover, Mug & that Bookmark card, and quote will express all that you feel for him. To remind him of you when the day starts with his morning coffee in this amazing mug along with this cozy cushion to provide snugness when his day ends. That made it perfect for valentine’s day.

10 Reasons

valentine's day

Tell your partner why you love him so much on Valentine’s day. Express everything you got for him what you love soo much about him. What makes him so special from others pours it out. Let him know how special he’s for you. Nothing will make him feel special than knowing how much he meant to you and how much you love him.


Valentine’s Day is incomplete without chocolates. Chocolates are the evergreen gift you can give to someone. Cadbury & other companies make special Chocolate boxes during Valentine’s Day. Give him Chocolates and let him know how sweet he is like these chocolates.

Hand-made Gifts

Nothing can replace handmade gifts for your partner on Valentine’s day all that time & effort you do for making that gift that is priceless & worth every second when you see a smile on your partner’s face. That handmade gift can be anything from a paper rose to a love letter to a handmade love card to a photo collage anything.

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